The Whiff Story

As children, my sister and I would help our mother make her bed, which consisted of applying crisp sheets generously sprinkled with fragranced powders. Desiring to recapture this alluring childhood memory led me to design a scented, disposable bed linen. When placed under your fitted sheet and on top of your mattress cover, the scented bed linen is completely undetectable except for a delicate fragrance emitted which is derived from the finest all-natural essential oils available. Create your own memories by placing a Whiff Scented Bed Linen on your bed and delight in the intimate embrace of a beautifully scented bed. Enjoy! –Millie, CEO

Our Fragrances

Whiff Scented Bed Linens are made with soothing, all-natural essential oils. The scents in our collection—Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemongrass, Rosewood, Sweet Orange, and Tea Tree Oil—were chosen due to both their popularity and their naturally soothing qualities. We have hand-selected these fragrances with your best night’s sleep in mind.

Rosewood Scented Bed Linens
Lemongrass Scented Bed Linens

Where to Find Us

More information on distribution coming soon!