Lemongrass Scented Bed Linens


Bright, refreshing, and clearing, our lemongrass scent is perfect for citrus lovers.

Sweet Orange Scented Bed Linens

Sweet Orange

As its name suggests, our sweet orange scent is cheery, fresh, and citrusy— a scent that will leave you feeling refreshed and happy.

Lavender Scented Bed Linens


A well-known stress and anxiety reliever, our lavender scent will lull you to sleep with a pleasant bouquet of aromas.

Tea Tree Scented Bed Linens

Tea Tree

Release the day’s tension with our tea tree scent, which boasts an inherently medicinal, soothing, woodsy aroma and natural calming qualities.

Eucalyptus Scented Bed Linens


Drift off in soothing comfort with our eucalyptus-scented linens, a plant known for its mint-like aroma and healing properties.

Rosewood Scented Bed Linens


Sweet, peppery, and floral, our rosewood scent is wonderfully balanced and calming.